A Treasure Worth Seeking

the mirror said of the image it reflected.
her delicate movements professed.
her eyes expressed.
Her audaciousness revealed.

her slight slouch hinted.
the twin pools in her eyes exposed.
the cleft between her brows indicated.
her tense energy confessed.

She was a jewel –
a ruby in the rubble –
waiting to be discovered;
patience, her watchword.

She was Xena,
carved from steel,
armoured with confidence,
unafraid to face life’s challenges,
determined to turn all her dreams to reality.

On some days, she asked herself,
“Of what value is a ruby undiscovered?
Why be Xena
if losing is anticipated?”

But a ruby will always be of value.
Even undiscovered, it remains a rare stone.
And Xena’s confidence, to be forever admired by all.
Her dreams, an extended part of her,
like the tail of an onagadori,
would someday become reality.
For these reasons, she persevered.

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