Let’s play a game, you and I,
agree on the rules before we start.
No cheating; no deception.
Simply hide yourself
and let me have the pleasure of discovering you

Run along now;
make yourself scarce while I blindfold myself.
And when my time starts,
let’s agree.
Give me a sign to lead me in your direction –
clap your hands, snap your fingers,
just let me know I’m on the right track
on the way to you.

I hear the sound you choose to make.
It excites me
and I feel, within
an adrenaline rush
as I commence my search for you,
anticipating a definite win on my end.

Time is ticking.
Still, I am yet to find you.
Now I sense
that in this game of ours
you don’t play by the rule.
“No deception”.
Yet, you flagrantly disregard it.
Your unfairness lies also
in the thorns spread sparse across the floor.
They prick my feet,
slow me down with pain
on my path to you.

And what could be worse than your elusiveness?
Just when I think I’m at the right spot,
I find that you are not there.
Did you move? Farther? Closer?
I do not know.
Not until, again, I hear the sound of your palms
cracking against each other
will I know what direction to take.
I can only hope
that my feet,
now weak and bloodied from your thorns
would have some strength left,
enough to carry me to to you.

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