Word: Unity
Meaning: Oneness; the state or fact of being one undivided entity.
A single undivided thing, seen as complete in itself.

What could one of America’s favorite radio shows, “The Breakfast Club” ever have in common with Bastille day? On the surface, nothing. Except when popular actress Jennifer Lewis made a guest appearance on the show one morning. You may know her from Blackish, but she’s regarded as the mother of Black Hollywood. She publicly urged Colin Kaepernick’s co-players to unite with him, bend that knee in solidarity, because that’s the only way they’ll ever truly win. If you’re still guessing, the link

here is the topic of UNITY.
Annually, the celebration of Bastille day stirs some deep thoughts and this last one was no exception. It tells a history of great significance, worthy of emulation by many countries.
Under French monarchy, the economic policies of the state had its fat hands wrapped around the neck of its citizens. However it was not until Louis XVI that the already tight grip threatened to suffocate them if they did nothing about it. So, with a straw as light as an increase in the cost of bread and salt, staples to the average French man’s diet, the camel’s back was finally broken. The French commoners were not having it. It was a common consensus that they were all going to perish if they did nothing. They disassociated themselves from the monarchy and established their own government. Even though the desired result was not immediate, the revolution revealed that there was power in the will of a people united. It introduced a republican government system that would subsequently come to be idealised and adopted around most of Europe, and eventually, most countries around the world.

A similar consensus was displayed in Ethiopia, when the Italians attempted an invasion to colonize the nation. Prior to this, there had been numerous conflicts among the many tribes and clans within the country. But the threat of subjugation under alien rule was enough to bring them to their senses. They called a truce on their bickering to unite against a bigger threat because they knew nothing good would have come out of handing themselves over to the Italians (or Europeans in general) to be colonised. Clan chiefs, Kings and Emperors within came together, each with hundreds of soldiers, to fight a common enemy and it was a success. They defeated their enemies, despite their superior weaponry, and chased Italy away. The Italians would return to conquer Ethiopia eventually, but their hold on the territory would be brief. To date, Ethiopia is considered the only African country that was never a European colony.
Even closer to heart is Nigeria’s defeat of the deadly Ebola virus. The dedication of the nation towards staving of this disease, while curbing its spread from the already infected to the barest minimum is undoubtedly applaudable. Funny to see a group of people so terrified of death. Yet, the irony lies in the fact that we are slowly dying daily from the oppression of our own government. If we could successfully unite against the Ebola virus, one would wonder why the same cannot be done with regards to its homicidal government.

The average Nigerian with any form of power, however little, lives to impress or oppress others. Sometimes, both. Perhaps it is the reason for its citizens’ individualistic approach to life, in which each man only worries about himself, his survival in the now, with no thought for how this approach would affect the future. If there would be a future if he keeps it up. This, coupled with inter and intra tribal as well as religious conflicts, has been the bane of Nigeria’s socio-political and economic development.

So, Nigeria, not until you learn to be more altruistic, give up “I” for “We” and “me” for “us”, not until you realize that you cannot survive independently but rather interdependently, not until you learn from the above examples and many other similar situations, not until you discover the strength in your UNITY against your political oppressors, not until you become aware of your collective right to determine who governs you and how you want to be governed (your rights to self-determination and enfranchisement), not until you give yourselves the peaceful and successful revolution you deserve, through your advantage in numbers, which can ONLY happen when you UNITE, you will continue to bleed everyday, until you give up the ghost.

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